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Meade King, solicitors in Bristol, provides specialist advice on professional negligence claims against accountants.

Professional Negligence: no win no fee

Professional negligence claims against accountants and other professionals have become more accessible owing to conditional fee agreements "no win no fee".

Our solicitors assess your professional negligence claim, without charge, before entering into a "no win no fee" agreement. We have a great track record of success in professional negligence claims against accountants, surveyors, valuers, estate agents, engineers, brokers, architects and solicitors. Our solicitors deal with a majority of professional negligence cases by conditional fee agreements "no win no fee". Our clients come from all over the country and abroad.

Typical Claims Against Accountants

• Poor tax advice
• Accounting errors
• Delay in dealing with tax returns
• Valuation of businesses
• Inadequate business advice

We act on behalf of private individuals and companies in bringing claims against accountants. Whoever the client we apply the same level of expertise to achieve the best result.

Professional negligence: The tests

Successful claims against accountants feature the following:

  • • Show the extent of the duty owed by the accountant either by reference to the terms of engagement or to the actions of the accountant
  • • Breach of duty
  • • Demonstrate that the breach of duty, rather than some other cause, has led to the loss claimed
  • • Prove the amount of the loss under a category of claim recognised by law

At Meade King Solicitors we will:

  • • Identify the real issues at an early stage.
  • • Anticipate the sort of defence which is likely to be argued.
  • • Assess the prospects of success of the professional negligence claim.
  • • Tell you what is involved in pursuing your claim for professional negligence.
  • • Where appropriate, agree a process to encourage settlement.

In the great majority of cases, share the risk involved by operating under conditional fee arrangements "no win no fee".


Our experienced and professional team will help you through the claims process to achieve the best available result. Our expertise is recognised in the leading legal directories: Chambers and Legal 500.


For further information please contact:

John Vasey - Direct Dial: (0117) 9234 033

Peter Almond - Direct Dial: (0117) 9234 034

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